Our vocation

The PRINCE DE BRETAGNE brand was created in 1970 to give a clear identity and emphasise the regional heritage of the vegetables produced along Brittany’s northern coast.

Under this brand - inextricably linked with quality - the vegetables produced by the six cooperatives which are members of CERAFEL Bretagne are marketed. The use of the one marque allows us to share the brand image right across the network and through to the final consumer.

As part of this philosophy, the marketing department supports our vegetable production in various ways. For example: 

  • Communication to consumers via the press: daily regional press, magazines, internet sites, newsletters, in-store activities etc.
  • Support to shippers and distributors (supermarkets, wholesalers, greengrocers) by providing point of sale material, in-store activities, participation in exhibitions etc.
  • Monitoring of consumer trends and competition
  • Creation of packaging formats and innovative solutions to best respond to the demands of the network
  • Research and assessment of new products to broaden the range
  • Following up customer queries relating to the quality of our vegetables.

Furthermore, the work of the marketing team is not limited to the French market but extends across most of Europe, as well as Asia and North America.