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Since the early days when the Prince de Bretagne offer consisted of just three vegetables (cauliflower, artichokes and potatoes), the range has grown considerably. Currently some 25 different vegetables are available in the conventional range and we must not forget, of course, the organic and mini-vegetable ranges which complete our comprehensive Breton offer.

But our efforts have not been limited to adding different vegetables to our range, packing formats have changed too, becoming increasingly innovative and adapted to the needs of our clients. Microwaveable trays, individual freshness sachets and UVC (individual sales packs) are amongst the latest developments.


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Description of the conventional range

LégumeJFMAMJJASONDMoisProd. (t)
Visuel Brittany pink garlic Brittany pink garlicXXX----XXXXX88-10 tonnes
Visuel Camus artichokes Camus artichokes----XXXXXXX-723 000 - 8 500 ha
Visuel Castel artichokes Castel artichokes----XXXXXXX-712 600
Visuel Petit Violet artichokes Petit Violet artichokes----XXXXXXX-741 million heads
Visuel Broccoli Broccoli----XXXXXXXX811 000
Visuel Carrots CarrotsXXX-----XXXX710 000
Visuel Celeriac CeleriacXX-------XXX5800
Visuel Cauliflower CauliflowerXXXXXXXXXXXX12280 000
Visuel Coloured cauliflowers Coloured cauliflowers----XXXXXX--62,000,000 heads
Visuel Romanesco Romanesco------XXXXXX62.5 million heads
Visuel Round cabbage Round cabbageXXXX-----XXX79 700
Visuel Coco de Paimpol AOC Coco de Paimpol AOC------XXXXX-58 500
Visuel Cocktail cucumbers Cocktail cucumbers-----XXXXX--52 000
Visuel Shallots ShallotsXXXXXXXXXXXX1232 000
Visuel Endives EndivesXXXXX---XXXX98 000
Visuel Fennel Fennel-----XXXXXX-6310
Visuel Strawberries Strawberries-XXXXXXXXXX-101 000
Traditional vegetables (swede, Jerusalem artichokes etc)XXX-----XXXX713 Tonnes
Visuel Shii-také mushrooms Shii-také mushroomsXXXXXXXXXXXX12150
Visuel Onions	Onions XXXXX---XXXX92 500 à 3 000
Visuel Peas Peas-----XXX----3300
Visuel Leeks LeeksXXX--XXXXXXX103 100
Primaline potatoes-XXX--------3350
Visuel Early potatoes Early potatoes----XXXX----423 000
Visuel Iceberg lettuce Iceberg lettuce----XXXXXXX-71.5 million heads
Visuel Tomatoes TomatoesXXXXXXXXXXXX1280 000
Brittany pink onionsXXXXX--XXXXX10-

Organic vegetables

Prince de Bretagne’s organic range is made up of 30 organically certified lines. This varied range, alongside the annual volumes sold, makes Prince de Bretagne and its 30 producers, the leading producer group in the organic fruit and vegetable sector in France.

LégumeJFMAMJJASONDMoisProd. (t)
Organic pink garlicX-------XXXX5700 Kg
Organic Camus artichokes----XXXXXXX-71 000 Tonnes
Organic Petit Violet artichokes-----XXXXX--5172,000 heads
Organic broccoli----XXXXXXXX82 000 Tonnes
Organic fresh carrotsXXXX--XXXXXX1080 Tonnes
Organic Karotan carrots---------X--150 Tonnes
Organic celeriac----------X-1180 Tonnes
Organic white cabbageXXXX------XX630 000 heads
Organic Chinese cabbage--------XXX-320 000 heads
Organic cauliflowerXXXXXXXXXXXX124 400 000 heads
Organic round cabbageXXX------XXX6509 000 heads
Organic red cabbageXXXX------XX640 000 heads
Organic Coco de Paimpol-------XX---210 Tonnes
Organic cucumber-----XXXXXX-633 500 colis X12
Organic squashes (Muscade, Potimarron etc)X-------XXXX570 Tonnes
Organic shallotsXXXX-XXXXXXX11680 Tonnes
Organic endivesXX--------XX468 Tonnes
Organic iceberg lettuce-----XXXXX--5100 000 heads
Organic lamb’s lettuceXX---------X322 Tonnes
Organic turnipsXX--------XX44 Tonnes
Organic pink onionsXXX-----XXXX735 Tonnes
Organic leeksXXXX-----XXX7630 Tonnes
Organic Early potatoes-----XXX----3500 Tonnes
Organic black radishXXXX----XXXX830 Tonnes
Organic vine tomatoes-----XXXXX--5500 Tonnes
Organic loose tomatoes---------X--110 Tonnes


Harvested by hand, Prince de Bretagne mini-vegetables owe their small size to a specially selected range of varieties, to a specific growing method (dense plantations) and early harvesting when the vegetables are at their most tender. Prince de Bretagne offers a range of 15 mini-vegetables, principally sold in trays; they are really valued by consumers preparing festive and convivial dinner parties!

Mini Camus artichoke----XXXXXXX-7
Visuel Mini beets (red, yellow, white) Mini beets (red, yellow, white)XX--XXXXXXXX10
Visuel Mini carrots Mini carrotsXXXXXXXXXXXX12
Visuel Mini white cabbage Mini white cabbageXXX-----XXXX7
Visuel Mini cauliflower Mini cauliflowerXXXXXXXXXXXX12
Visuel Mini Romanesco Mini Romanesco--------XXXX4
Visuel Mini red cabbage Mini red cabbageXXX-----XXXX7
Visuel Mini Savoy cabbage Mini Savoy cabbageXXX-----XXXX7
Mini courgettes-----XXXXX--5
Visuel Mini endives Mini endivesXXXX-----XXX7
Visuel Mini fennel Mini fennel-------XXXXX5
Mini pattypan-----XXXX---4
Visuel Mini leeks Mini leeksXXXXXXXXXXXX12