Quality policy

The entire Prince de Bretagne network is committed to an Environment-Quality plan which sets the rules for operators.


Its objectives:

  • To ensure conformity with regulations
  • To ensure client demands are met
  • To improve and optimise the organisation

This plan, which includes the entire network, guarantees the food safety of our produce and the use of practices which respect the environment.
The plan is validated by external certification bodies


Regional level (CERAFEL)

  • Distribution of information material to producers
  • Annual educative summary sheets per crop 
  • List of authorised crop protection treatments
  • Creation of product specifications
  • Regional residue analysis programme

More than 600 samples, which translates to more than 40,000 basic analyses, are conducted annually (by the Capinov Laboratory).

In the cooperatives

In accordance with the regulations, Prince de Bretagne’s cooperatives monitor and check their products to ensure conformity.

  • Distribution of information sheets during the growing period
  • Checking of agricultural practices

On the farms

  • Respect for the specifications per crop, which means:          
  • Respect for Good Agricultural Practices
  • Respecting the list of authorised crop protection treatments
  • Monitored by both internal and external technical services

In the packing stations

  • Quality control of products
  • Respect for health and safety rules
  • Risk assessment using the HACCP method
  • Upstream and downstream traceability